July and August 2021 Donation Recipient: TRASH FISH CLE

Goddess of the Desert

From the first time I stepped foot in Arizona, I was awestruck by the state's beauty, magical essence, and it's wonder. As I have grown older and become more aware of the importance to protect our lands and our environment, I have realized how desperate the West is for environmental help. The Goddess of the Desert Collection is here to do just that! 

Most people have no idea that Lake Powell hasn't always existed, mainly because it is deceptively called a "lake". In 1962 the Glen Canyon Dam was finished and Lake Powell began to form, despite the protesters who fought in vain to stop the drowning of ancient structures and hundreds of runoffs from the Colorado that were just waiting to be explored. The Glen Canyon dam has completely flooded all of Glen Canyon, including 125 slot canyons, all of the flora and fauna, and part of the history that makes our nation. Annually, an estimated 45 million tons of sediment gets trapped behind the dam. This starves the ecosystem downstream, leaving many animals extinct and tons more are well on their way. 

Twenty-five percent of the profits from this collection will be donated to Glen Canyon Institute, a non-profit who is dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon, and a free flowing Colorado River. 

I channeled my inner Katie Lee to make this collection. Her strength, passion, and perseverance definitely came through. If you are not sure who she is, or anything about the dam, please click on the site below to watch a short film, by Ben Knight and Travis Rummel.