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Bright Apple Lights Cuff

Bright Apple Lights Cuff

The Bright Apple Lights collection is inspired by the hustle and bustle of New York City and the true reason I travel there often; to see Phish. Once my eyes caught hold of the large Ocean Jasper cabochons, I was instantly reminded of the bright lights that glow from the skyscrapers in the city at night. The Moss Agate is an ode to the Hudson River.

Each piece has its own unique way of nodding to Phish.

Sometimes when I’m out in nature I like to think of the little colonies that we are all surrounded by. Glimpsing at the dead trees that lay in the forest, you might think they’re just fallen trees, but when you look closer you realize it’s a new home for insects, squirrels, chipmunks and mushrooms. I was reminded of these thoughts when I first gazed at this cabochon, but when I dug a little deeper my mind wandered away from Earth and took me to the little Martian Monsters, whose "trip is short".

This small cuff is made from a cabochon that was gifted to me by an older gentleman who had to stop making jewelry due to his arthritis. He wasn’t just a metalsmith, he was a lapidary artist and a blacksmith too. Unfortunately he passed, but his cabochons still live.


Sterling Silver, adjustable cuff