Jewelry with Impact

After spending years working in art studios around the Midwest, ranging from glass, wood, and metals, I noticed an important method was missing in each of those studios. I couldn't stand by anymore after watching my former boss pour their used pickling solution straight down the drain, a bad practice that harms our water systems horrifically. Making art while practicing safe and eco-conscious methods is a model many studios don't even consider.

There are many artists who are inspired by nature and yet our art practices are harming the Earth. I’m talking about high concentrations of pollutants like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and more. That’s why in 2018 when Papillon Handcrafted was established, I pledged to not only practice my craft with the Earth in mind but to also give back to organizations that create collective impact. Each quarter I choose a non-profit whose mission promotes conservation, whether that'd be socially or environmentally focused.

2024 Donation Recipients are as follows:

First Quarter - The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - Restoring, sustaining and enhancing the nation’s plants and habitats, fish, and wildlife for current and future generations.

Second Quarter - Earth Guardians - A global community of young leaders, activists, and artists defending the Earth.

Third Quarter - Auerfarm - An educational farm that is committed to engaging all ages in learning about farming, science, and the environment. 

Fourth Quarter - The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests - Since 1901 the Forest Society has worked to conserve New Hampshire's most important landscapes and promote the wise use of its renewable resources.