I'm just a one-woman show, trying my best to spread awareness through my love of adventure, creating things and telling stories.
It all started while I was studying glassmaking at Kent State University. I attended an introduction to jewelry/metals course in 2010. I wanted to immediately switch my major but I was only one semester away from getting my degree. The glass world consumed my creative side for quite a few years. I worked at the Corning Museum of Glass, Streets of Manhattan Studios in Cleveland and I was commissioned for locals in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. 
In the summer of 2015, I decided I needed a bit of a change. I became an assistant for a jewelry artist in Cleveland, Ohio. After that, I ended up working for Signet Jewelers. I eventually realized that I needed to be making jewelry on my own. After coming up with a plan and building my home studio, I quit my full-time job in September of 2018 to pursue my dream.

I am excited to be fully focused on this adventure and I'm hoping to create change in our world. I want my jewelry creations inspire you to get outside or travel somewhere new, and of course to protect the earth and to wear something meaningful.

Papillon Handcrafted Established November 2018